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On behalf of all the members of Sutherland Downs, welcome to our Sutherland Downs Website. We are proud of our community and this website has been prepared to help you understand and appreciate our special neighborhood. Our website contains important information about Sutherland Downs, including the organization and management of our homeowners association, key protective covenants, and other items of interest and importance to you as a homeowner and member of the Sutherland Downs Homeowners Association. Our common interest in Sutherland Downs is very simple: to preserve and enhance value and appeal of our neighborhood for those who own homes here. We welcome your involvement in the homeowners association and appreciate your taking time to read and follow the covenants and guidelines, including those presented on this website. Your comments and questions are welcome; please contact a member of the Board of Directors. 

Upcoming Events and Current Issues... 

Board Meetings -
  • Next Board meeting will be:  March 21, 2019 @ 3PM at 30 E Broadway Suite #202 Meridian, ID

Annual Meetings - 
  • Annual meeting: TBD -  at 7pm, located at Holiday Inn Express, 2610 E. Freeway Dr., Meridian.

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